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Resource scheme

Varsity College operates a Student Resource Scheme to assist parents in the provision of some resources. Parents are directly responsible for providing the student(s) with textbooks, other resources and increasingly a laptop or tablet computer at school.  To assist parents,  the Executive group at Varsity college has chosen to utilise State Government contracts and its bulk buying power to provide parents with a cost effective alternative to purchasing these resources individually.  The Student Resource Scheme reduces the burden and financial outlay to parents of selecting and purchasing materials and ensures that suitable resources are available for their child.

SRS as of 2015 now incorporates One2One - Varsity College’s all-encompassing 1 to 1 computer program.

The Student Resource Scheme enables a parent to enter into a written agreement with the school that, in return for payment of a specified annual participation fee, provides for the participating student's temporary use of prescribed textbooks, access to One2One and other resources and/or for the purchase of consumables and materials for the student's use. Resources other than textbooks and a tablet computer may include: Course consumables, reproduced class workbooks and worksheets and teacher prepared material that compliment and/or substitute textbooks, student planner, student ID card. 

With the inclusion of the One2One program students also have the temporary use of a tablet computer with  stylus, unlimited safe filtered internet, current and latest operating system and productivity software (Office 2013, Adobe Suite etc.), subject software, connection to the network to access the subject courseware, 5 day a week on site help desk support, and various network resources including printers, projectors an TVs. 

One2One offer parents a simple cost effective solution to their child’s IT needs.  Varsity College tablet computers are covered by a comprehensive three year onsite warranty that also covers students against accidental damage.

The operation of the scheme is supported annually by the Parents and Citizens' Association (P&C), and is managed by the school.  Participation in the scheme is voluntary, and no obligation is placed on a parent to participate.  The school operates under FNM-UP-018: Student Resource Scheme and FNM-PR-019 State Education Fees where we ask parents to pay specific subject fees (where applicable) towards the subjects/certificate courses that students elect to undertake each year and/or Excellence programs with selective entry.  Varsity College strongly recommends that parents take the opportunity to participate in the College’s Student Resource Scheme.

The Varsity SRS is a single program and covers all necessary materials, hire and equipment and cannot be customised in anyway.


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​Due to the overwhelming support One2One since 2011, One2One is integral to the teaching and learning of students in all classes and is now included in the SRS program.

It is not an option to participate in the SRS program and not participate in the One2One program.


Opting out

A parent who does not wish to join the scheme is responsible for providing the student with the items that would otherwise have been provided under the scheme to enable the student to engage with the curriculum.


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