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Junior secondary curriculum

Varsity College Junior Secondary is built on the foundation of relationships, relevance and rigour. Each class has one or two foundation teachers for over half of the week who will become familiar with their students very well through focused lessons on Mathematics, English, Science, History, Geography and inquiry based investigations and projects.

The creation of a distinct Varsity College Junior Secondary School is designed to respond to the needs of students in early adolescence. Six principles which underpin the middle school phase of education are:

  • Distinct identity – Students are encouraged and supported to develop their own group identity within the wider high school. This includes dedicated school areas and events.
  • Quality teaching – Teachers working with students in the middle school years will be given the skills they need through additional professional development to support young teens through these crucial early high school years.
  • Student wellbeing – We will meet the social and emotional needs of middle school students with a strong focus on pastoral care. Students in our middle school are based in a foundation classroom with a foundation classroom teacher for most of their learning. Routines and school processes are adjusted to meet the needs of students.
  • Parent and community involvement – We encourage parents to stay connected with their child's learning when they enter high school. Parent involvement in special events, award ceremonies, leadership presentations and parent partnership meetings are welcomed.
  • Leadership – Leadership roles are available for Years 7, 8 and 9 students.

Students in junior secondary study compulsory subjects (core subjects) and choose their elective program. In Years 7 and 8 students choose two electives. In Year 9 students choose three electives. Each elective program runs for a semester.

Our ASPIRE programs are designed to extend students beyond the mainstream curriculum in their area/s of interest and passion. ASPIRE programs are by application only. Applications are open at the beginning and end of each year. Students must apply and go through the selection process which includes testing in the relevant areas of each program. These programs are highly competitive and sought after by students; therefore, places are limited.

​​Core subjects​

  • Maths

  • English

  • Geography

  • History

  • Health and Physical Education

  • Chinese

  • Digital Technology


  • Music

  • Visual art

  • Physical Theatre

  • Product Design and Manufacturing

  • Chinese (extra six months)

  • Food Studies

  • Engineering

  • Graphics (Year 9)

  • Hospitality (Year 9)

  • Information Processing and Technology (Year 9)

  • Multimedia (Year 9)

  • Drama (Year 9)

ASPIRE programs (by application only)

ASPIRE academic

  • Academy of Maths/Science (AMS)

  • English/Social Science Academy (ESSA)

  • Chinese Immersion

ASPIRE cultural

  • Music

  • Physical Theatre

  • Visual Design

ASPIRE sporting

  • Athlete Development

  • Australian Football League

  • Basketball

  • Football

  • Rowing