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Senior secondary curriculum

Students in Year 10 study compulsory subjects (core subjects) and choose their elective program. Students enrol in a full year of English, Mathematics, Social Science (History and either Geography or Economics) and Science  (two of Biology, Physics or Chemistry). In Year 10, students choose up to four semester-long electives. Students are also automatically enrolled in the Career Development Program.

Students in Years 11 and 12 study either an Overall Position (OP) pathway or a personalised pathway.

Students who study an OP pathway choose six authority OP subjects and are automatically enrolled in the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) preparation program for the QCS test. Students must enrol in English (OP) and either Maths A (OP) or Maths B (OP). Students studying an OP pathway do not have access to subject area specifications, certificate courses, traineeships or apprenticeships.

Students enrolled in a personalised pathway choose six subjects from authority OP subjects, authority registered subjects - Subject Area Syllabus (SAS) and certificate or diploma courses. Students must enrol in English (OP) or English Communication (SAS), and either prevocational Maths (SAS) or Maths A (OP). Students are automatically enrolled into work-school connections. Students studying a personalised pathway may have access to traineeships or apprenticeships, and off campus study options such as TAFE.

Senior students may also participate in sporting excellence programs in basketball, rowing, futsal (football) and AFL.​

Year 10 c​​ore subjects

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Social Science (History and either Geography or Economics)

  • Science (two of Biology, Physics or Chemistry)

Year 10 electives

  • Accounting

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Chinese

  • Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

  • Dance Studies

  • Drama

  • Economics

  • Engineering Technology

  • Film, Television and New Media

  • Geography

  • Hospitality

  • Information Processing and Technology

  • Maths Specialist

  • Music

  • Physical Education

  • Physics

  • Technology Studies

  • Music Excellence

Years 11 and 12 core subjects

  • Maths

  • English (OP) or English Communication (SAS)

Years 11 and 12 electives​

(Note: students must fulfil prerequisite requirements to enrol in certain subjects)

  • Accounting (OP)

  • Arts in Practice (SAS)

  • Biology (OP)

  • Business Studies (SAS)

  • Certificate II Engineering Pathways

  • Certificate II Sports and Recreation/Certificate III Fitness

  • Certificate II Telecommunications

  • Certificate II Tourism

  • Certificate III Early Childhood Education and Care

  • Certificate IV Crime and Justice Studies

  • Chemistry (OP)

  • Chinese (OP)

  • Diploma of Business

  • Drama (OP)

  • Economics (OP)

  • Engineering Technology (OP)

  • Film, Television and New Media (OP)

  • Geography (OP)

  • Graphics (OP)

  • Hospitality Practices (SAS)

  • Industrial Technology Studies (SAS)

  • Information Processing Technology (OP)

  • Maths Prevocational (SAS)

  • Maths A (OP)

  • Maths B (OP)

  • Maths C (OP)

  • Modern History (OP)

  • Music (OP)

  • Physical Education (OP)

  • Physics (OP)

  • Recreation Studies (SAS)

  • Social and Community Studies(SAS)

  • Visual Art (OP)​