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Enrolling at our college

​​Varsity College is an innovative concept in school design, integrated into the Varsity Lakes community development adjacent to Bond University on the Gold Coast. The college is located in an area of rapid growth with continued housing construction in the district surrounding the school.

Students can apply for enrolment at Varsity College under the following categories:

  • Students within the catchment area – student's principal residence is within the local catchment area
  • ASPIRE Excellence Programs – student's meet specific criteria for entry to the program
  • Siblings of current students at the school (excluding siblings of ASPIRE Excellence Program students). Where a school has both a primary and secondary campus, siblings are only entitled to enrol in the same campus as the currently enrolled student
  • Out of catchment at Principals discretion (letter explaning reasons why you can't attend a closer school)

Please refer to the Enrolment Application Checklist of the Application for Student Enrolment Form (PDF) to ensure you have all the required documentation for your enrolment application to be accepted.  Parents are also welcome to visit the Varsity College primary or secondary campuses to collect enrolment forms to be completed. All information regarding requirements for enrolment is outlined in the enrolment package.  Upon acceptance, you will be contacted to arrange an interview time.  Uniforms can be purchased and school fees paid at the conclusion of the interview.

See the Varsity College Enrolment Management Plan​ for more information.

Decisions on enrolment

The Principal is responsible for all decisions on enrolments.

Applicants may respond to the Principal's preliminary view by making a submission to the Principal, no later than seven school days after receiving the preliminary view letter.

Where the Executive Principal forms a preliminary view that an application will not succeed, applicants will be notified in writing. 

If no submission is received, the Principal's preliminary view will be treated as the final decision and no further notice will be provided.

If a submission is received, the Principal will consider the submission and make a final decision. A final decision notice will be provided to the applicant as soon as is practicable.

There is no internal review of the Principal's decision.