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At Varsity College we pride ourselves in enrolling 'the whole family' into our community. When you commit your child to our college, you are entrusting them to the very best educators, facilities, extra-curricular opportunities and pastoral care.

Varsity College is underpinned by four pillars – academic, cultural, sporting and community. Families can expect that their child will be developed in each of these domains and inevitably discover their passion, grow as an individual and develop technically in their chosen area of interest. Additionally, we expect you and your child to support our school rules: be responsible, be respectful and be a learner. In partnering together, it is our goal for each child to be happy and find their passion in life.​

There are three ways in which a child can enrol into Varsity College:

  1. Reside within the catchment area

    • Varsity College is a prep to year 12 college consisting of two campuses (Primary and Secondary). Each campus has a unique and separate catchment area. For families whose siblings qualify for enrolment on one campus but not the other, please refer to “Sibling enrolment” below.

  2. Reside outside the catchment area

  3. Sibling enrolment

    • ​Students with siblings actively enrolled at Varsity College will be considered for enrolment, pending available places (note, this does not apply if the current enrolled sibling qualified for enrolment through entry into one or more of the ASPIRE excellence programs).