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P&C association

The association is made up of volunteer parents and citizens (P&C) of Varsity College who promote active parent participation and encourage close cooperation between parents, students and staff. This in itself promotes positive community support and is outlined in our P&C constitution document (PDF, 164KB).

The functions of the P&C are to foster interest in educational matters and to bring about closer cooperation between parents, staff, students and other members of the community. The association gives advice and recommendations to the Principal about issues relating to educational instruction and the general management of the school. The most important function of the P&C is to financially assist the students of the school through funding and other resources. The only way the association can succeed in meeting our objectives, is through the tireless efforts of volunteers.

We are always looking for people who may have time to help us, be it an hour a year or an hour a week. Alternatively, perhaps your business would like to be involved in sponsorship to assist us in raising funds through raffles and the like.

Meeting Minutes


P&C General Meeting Minutes 21 February (PDF)

P&C AGM Meeting Minutes 21 March (PDF)

P&C General Meeting Minutes 16 May (PDF)

P&C General Meeting Minutes 20 June (PDF)

P&C General Meeting Minutes 15 August (PDF)

P&C General Meeting Minutes 21 November (PDF)


P&C General Meeting Minutes 20 February (PDF)

P&C General Meeting Minutes 15 May 2019 - AMENDED 23 May (PDF)

P&C General Meeting Minutes 24 July 2019 (PDF)