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Parent teacher communication

​​​​​​​​​​​​As one of the largest schools in Australia, it is important to ensure we have effective methods of communicating with our parents and families. We do this through multiple platforms to ensure that everyone in the community has the ability to stay up to date with what is happening at our wonderful college.

It is therefore very important to make sure the college has your most up to date information. If you have recently moved or your details have change please make sure you let us know by filling in a change of details form (PDF, 156KB).

To check your information is up to date please contact the college.

Varsity College app

The Varsity College app is designed to allow Varsity College parents access to information about events and activities at the school. Find out more here about the Varsity College app and all its features.


The Varsity College website is the best port of call for all general information, from our policies, to assessment calendars, canteen and uniform shop details and much, much more.


Email is the most frequently used communication tool within Varsity College and allows the college to provide parents with a variety of information, in detail if needed.

Specifically for our classroom teachers, email is used to enhance the wellbeing and learning opportunities of each and every student and ensure parents are aware of what is happening in class.

The College also emails home important information such as parent-teacher interview details, report cards and event invitations for Awards Evenings and other time-critical college information.


The Varsity College newsletter is issued electronically to our families on a fortnightly basis. The newsletter includes information for parents and the community about what has been happening in the college and information on any important dates and events that may be forthcoming. View our newsletter and subscribe to the Varsity College newsletter.


Varsity College has two Facebook pages encompassing the Primary and Secondary campuses. The Facebook pages are used to celebrate the success of our students, remind parents about forthcoming events and share what is going on in our community.

Text messages

The College engages the use of text message or SMS for two main purposes. The first is to manage absenteeism with parents/carers receiving a text message if their child is absent for the roll mark class. Please note, this only occurs if it is an unexplained absence; parents/carers who have followed the absentee process shouldn't receive an SMS.

The second reason the college may send out an SMS is in the case of a hazardous situation (fire, threat, flooding, etc) or something specific to the school (renovations) to ensure all parents are aware of what is happening.

Please note that during an evacuation the college staff will use the Varsity College app to communicate with parents: this is the only communication platform staff can remotely access.


Even though most of our communication is done electronically, postal mail continues to be an invaluable tool in education and from time to time Varsity College may need to send confidential information home through mail. Often the college is requested to mail items to parents and for this reason we do ask parents ensure all their details are correct.