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Executive Principal’s welcome

Welcome to Varsity College

To stand at street level and look towards its campuses, you might see Varsity College as simply coloured buildings where students from Prep to Year 12 file in to be taught, where teachers dictate from the front of rooms somewhere inside and where the noise of thousands of students can be heard from time to time throughout the day. Walk through those gates however and your perception changes incredibly quickly. Here is a place where the exuberance of youth is matched with an enthusiasm and commitment to learning; where students flourish in academic, cultural, sporting and community fields. For every student walking through those gates, success is achievable, nurtured and supported. I feel it every day as I walk through student areas, along the corridors, in our classrooms and across our sporting fields.

We are passionate about providing an environment in which each and every student – your child – can thrive and grow with confidence and resilience. For this reason, the College values of Wisdom, Integrity, Courage, Compassion and Citizenship underpin everything we do. They are the principles which guide our programs and policies for one simple reason: to best focus and develop your child’s signature strengths so that they might realise their character and achieve their potential now and beyond school.

Student wellbeing is paramount and interwoven into the very fabric of our College, with parents being welcomed as instrumental partners in their child’s learning. Through fostering an ethos where parents and teachers work together, we have been able to shape a community which envelops students in a strong sense of belonging and connectedness; where they feel safe, valued and, importantly, happy.

The role of parents in their child’s education is clearly very significant but it is the incredible professionalism and dedication of our staff which allows those students to flourish beyond life at home. The teachers and staff at Varsity College work tirelessly every day to ensure their students are best equipped to learn not only the curriculum, but to participate positively in the globalised world in which we live. Our high academic achievement is a testament to their commitment and pride in delivering the best educational programs which are engaging, progressive and provide a means for each individual to flourish. 

As a means of challenging all of our students, we offer many ASPIRE excellence programs. Those who participate are given the opportunity to perform to the best of their ability and develop their individual talents in the academic, sporting, cultural and community arenas through extra-curricular activities and thought-provoking in-class tasks. The physical environment of our campuses complements this with state-of-the-art technologies, enviable sporting grounds and highly functional learning spaces.

With all of these wonderful opportunities we provide comes the responsibility of being a Varsity College student. The College values I mentioned earlier are not just buzz words: they are the code by which we require our students to conduct themselves in regards to achievement, behaviour and appearance. It is important that all members of our College community understand and support these expectations: after all, we give our best and it seems logical to demand the same of our students.

As I’ve pointed out, these aren’t just a bunch of buildings where students and teachers slog out their days understanding arithmetic and fumbling through Shakespeare. The Varsity College campuses are where children’s futures are being built, where the very best of their character is being drawn forth, developed and enriched through the delivery of outstanding educational practices. But don’t take my word for it; come and have a look at our wonderful community for yourself. I look forward to seeing you here! 


Steve McLuckie

Executive Principal​