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College Polices and Procedures


Welcome to Varsity College, an Independent Public School with a vision to be a world leader in 21st Century personalised learning for every student. Our College has a proud tradition of being a supportive and caring school that delivers outstanding education under our four pillars: Academic, Cultural, Sporting and Community. 


Being a member of our College community we have defined policies and procedures that all students must adhere to at all times. By enrolling at our College you, as a student and parent/carer, agree to abide by Varsity College’s policies and procedures, which include but are not limited to the following:

·       Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students

·       Student Appearance Policy​​​​

·       Student Assessment Policy​​​

·       Student Homework Policy

·       Student Attendance Policy

·       Department insurance arrangements and accident cover for students​

·       Managing Consent to Use Student/Volunteer Copyright Materials and/or to Record, Use or Disclose Student Personal Information


·       Appropriate Use of Mobile Telephones and other Electronic Equipment by Students​

·       One2One Contract



School Council

As an Independent Public School, the College is required to establish a School Council.  The School Council will consist of community, parent, staff and student representatives.  In order to form a School Council it is firstly necessary to create a School Council Constitution which outlines the functions, powers, membership and other operating protocols of a School Council.


 School Council Members


The following will form membership of the Varsity College School Council at time of publication (2 Sept 2014):


OFFICIAL MEMBERS (term of office): Executive Principal (Steve McLuckie)

                                                               P&C President (Louise Pieper)

STUDENT MEMBER 2014:                     Samuel Ewart (year 10)

STAFF MEMBERS (2 yrs):                     Mark Johnson (Primary)

                                                               Brian Arnett (Secondary)

                                                               Carmel Conlin (Non Teaching)

PARENT MEMBERS (2 yrs):                  Greg Ewart (Secondary)

                                                               Andrew Hassell (Secondary)

                                                               Matt Swayn (Primary)

APPOINTED MEMBERS (2 yrs):            To be determined and invited by School                                                                 Council at first meeting.