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One2One program

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The One2One program offers each student at Varsity College the opportunity to be issued with their own personal device. Continuing on from the successful expansion of the One2One program in 2012 to all students in Years 7-12, students starting in Year 7 and Year 10 will be issued with a new device, This device can be used both at school and at home and offers parents a convenient and simple solution to their child's Information Technology (IT ) needs.

Students in the One2One program benefit from Varsity College's ability to take advantage of the enormous buying power of the Queensland Government. Varsity College is able to purchase high performance commercial-grade computers that are designed to survive the rigours of school environments while remaining well below the retail cost of the same or similar devices.

Varsity College is asking that parents continue to lend their support to this very valuable and innovative program. Strong support from parents is paramount to the program's success.

Why participate?

Varsity College devices come complete with a comprehensive three year warranty and accidental damage protection insurance as well as a wide range of educational apps and software. These features provide students with a reliable and secure device, giving parents confidence in providing their child with his/her own computer.

Varsity College devices connect to the Education Queensland (EQ) network giving students access to a wide range of online resources and tools for learning.

By participating in the Student Resource Scheme (SRS), students receive a laptop, friendly service, a high level of security and software from the One2One program for no additional charge.

Digital platform

Below is a host of industry standard software pages included for free.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud gives students access to the world's best creative tools used for graphic design, video editing and photography.

Autodesk suite

The Autodesk suite of Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) tools allows students to design, visualise and simulate anything from blockbuster visual effects and buildings, to electric cars and the batteries that power them!

Microsoft Office 2016/Office365

Microsoft Office 2016 is the latest suite of office productivity applications. Students currently have access to a range of applications in the Office365 suite.

Peace of mind

Protection for 3 years

All computers in the Varsity College One2One program are covered against component defects for three years. The devices are fixed onsite by certified engineers and parents incur no parts or labour costs.

As participants in One2One, students have unlimited access to our onsite support desk. All hardware issues are logged with the vendor and software issues are resolved within 24 hours.

Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)

Accidents happen and ADP insures devices against day-to-day accidental damage. A small excess fee may apply in some cases.

Note: Any evidence of mistreatment of the college device is evaluated on a case by case basis with excess charges being applied where appropriate.

Absolute CompuTrace security

If a Varsity College One2One device is reported to the police as stolen, it is locked and rendered useless remotely to protect any sensitive data stored on the device.

Hardware and software repairs

One2One devices are supported with a 3-5 day turnaround once parts are ordered. Students will be issued with a loan device to minimise disruptions to learning. Devices can be reset to their original state within 24 hours in the case of software issues.

Learn the way that works for you

Flexible learning spaces

Stimulating and comfortable learning spaces improve intellectual, social and emotional wellbeing. With wireless access to the course content and the ability to connect to worldwide resources, students can set up their own learning spaces which suit them best.

Anytime, anywhere learning

One2One devices allow students to connect at school and at home. Students have access during and after school hours including weekends and holidays. Students can also use this device for personal use. This includes playing games at home, installing licensed copies of software and storing photos, videos and music.

Personalised learning

Teachers are able to tailor content and design lessons by taking advantage of the digital platform at the base of the One2One Program. With the ability to take their device anywhere, students can work on a personalised program at their own pace.


With various web tools and shared OneNote notebooks, students can work in groups to complete a common task or create a product together. Students can make effective decisions while being engaged in the task at hand.


One2One devices all automatically connect to the EQ network which enables students to connect to projectors, TVs and printers. A major component of the program is the extensive wireless network and unlimited high speed internet access. This level of connectivity support enables students to build on their 21st century skills.

Benefits of One2One

Varsity College constantly strives to ensure its students are provided with the very best educational opportunities. Enhanced learning in the classroom and beyond as well as learning which is self-initiated, independent, engaging and satisfying are but a few of the benefits of the One2One program.