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Calendar and news

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As one of the largest schools in Australia, it is important to ensure we have effective methods of communicating with our parents and families. We do this through multiple platforms to ensure that everyone in the community has the ability to stay up to date with what is happening at our wonderful college.

Our app​​​​

​​​​​The Varsity College app is designed to allow Varsity College parents access to information about events and activities at the school. It will be updated daily to ensure that the information provided is the most current and up-to-date available.

The Varsity College app is our main way of notifying parents about events and activities in the college, with the ability to send 'push notifications' specific for each year level. The message appears on the person's device in the same way a text message does. The app also has access to many other features such as the calendar, newsletter and college contact details.

The Varsity College app also allows college staff to communicate with parents during an emergency as it is the only communication platform staff can remotely access.

Download the app

Download the Varsity College app for Android  or Apple.

Using the app

View the feature of the Varsity College app (PDF, 278KB )

Have the sports fixtures been cancelled due to bad weather? The notice section of the app will tell you.

Need to check on the venue and start time of parent-teacher interviews? The calendar in the app will provide this information.

You do not need to receive everything!

One of the features of this app is that you can sign up for only those notices and events that you wish to know about. So, if your child is in year 5, you can choose to receive only primary school information on the app, not information for secondary school parents.

We trust that you will enjoy the convenience this app will bring you. If you have any queries, please see below.

Application support

We welcome any feedback and suggestions you may have as the information available will continue to grow with time.

For further information, please contact college staff by email at or by phone at (07) 5562 3575.

Social media


Varsity College has two twitter feeds encompassing the primary and secondary campuses. The feeds are to celebrate the success of our students and share what is going on in our community.

Follow us on Twitter: primary and secondary.


Varsity College has two Facebook pages encompassing primary and secondary campuses. The Facebook pages are to celebrate the success of our students, remind parents about forthcoming events and share what is going on in our community.

Follow us on Facebook: Primary and Secondary.

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 Varsity Secondary Facebook feed