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Term dates

The term dates for all Queensland state schools are published on the school holidays and term dates page of the department's website.

​Staff professional development days (SPDDs) for 2018

18, 19 January

11, 12, 13,16 April

22 October

Year 10 and 12 finishing dates for 2018

Year 12 - Friday 16 November

Year 10 and 11 - Friday 30 November

Exam Shutdown Term 2

Please find below the following information to assist you in supporting your students through our busy assessment time:

  • Years 7-8 assessment summary;
  • Year 9 assessment summary;
  • Year 10 Exam Shutdown Timetable with information letter to you; and
  • Years 11 -12 Exam Shutdown Timetable with information letter to you.

The students are working towards completing their assessment and preparing for the end of semester exams.  During this time, please keep in mind your students' health to ensure they are eating a well-balanced diet, spending time outdoors doing some exercise and sleeping well.

During the exam shutdown for years 10-12 students, normal classes will be suspended and students are only expected to be at school when they have an exam.  More information is included in the attached letters.

If you have any questions regarding the assessment information attached, please contact the relevant Deputy Head of School: Years 7-8 Dan Marrone (, Years 9-10 David Reid (, Years 11 -12 Alyson Innis (

Years 7-8 Assessment (PDF)

Year 9 Assessment (PDF)

Year 10 Exam Shutdown Timetable Term 2 2018 Parents (PDF)

Years 11 - 12 Exam Shutdown Timetable Term 2 2018 Parent (PDF)