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Varsity College offers a range of co-curricular opportunities for students across our four academic, cultural, sporting and community pillars. These programs can be either part of the school day such as interschool sports, sporting carnivals or after school programs.

Varsity After Hours – Primary Campus

Varsity College offers its primary school students a range of programs after school on the Primary campus grounds. All programs are run by outside providers keen to offer our students knowledge and skills that will complement their growing minds and bodies.

Clubs are a great opportunity for students to try their talents in

a new area in a fun, non-threatening, relaxed atmosphere.

Families who are interested in enrolling their child/children in one or more of these programs are asked to contact the program provider directly.

Varsity After Hours – Secondary Campus​

Our Varsity College after hours program offers dedicated time once the school day has finished for students to engage with homework, additional study and support from teachers. 

This is an environment whereby students can work at their own pace, ask questions from teachers or work in study groups to improve their understanding of the curriculum, keep up to date with assignments and revise the lessons of the day.

The program runs from 2.30pm to 3.20pm Monday to Thursday on the top floor of the Senior General Building.​