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Instrumental music

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Instrumental Music is a co-curricular program offered in most state schools. Varsity College provides group tuition on a variety of string, brass, woodwind and percussion instruments. Students involved in the Instrumental Music program also participate in one or more of the school's ensembles. Lessons occur during school hours and ensembles rehearse either before or after school.

Instrumental music at Varsity College

Music is an integral part of a student's education and at Varsity College it is an extension of classroom music. Students have the opportunity to apply for this program at the end of Year 2 (strings) or Year 3 (brass, woodwind and percussion). Positions are limited and therefore applicants must go through a recruitment process to ascertain their suitability for the program. Students who have been learning an instrument at another school or through a private tutor can usually be integrated into the program at any time.

As an Independent Public School, Varsity College has extended on the traditional offering of most state schools. In primary school, students can access choirs and in secondary school (Years 7 to 12) we have introduced a Vocal Program, Guitar Program and Piano Accompaniment Program for those whose interest in music sits outside the traditional state school instrument offerings. Acceptance into these new programs is via audition at the beginning of the calendar year.


Varsity College's ensembles are renowned for excellence with state Fanfare finals representation and regular placing at the Gold Coast Eisteddfod. Our ensembles and choirs are regularly requested to perform at school and community events with students benefitting immensely from these varied opportunities.​