The ASPIRE Academic Excellence programs were created to give like-minded students with similar passions the opportunity to collaborate in the areas of Mathematics, Science, English, Social Science and Chinese Immersion.

Specific extra-curricular opportunities were embedded in the development of the ASPIRE Academic program to allow interested students to broaden and enhance their experiences through partnerships with universities and professionals in their chosen fields.

Academy of Maths Science | AMS@VC

The ASPIRE AMS@VC program ensures that the full extent of the core curriculum is explored by students to a deeper and richer level than standard curriculum. A high expectations class environment with increased learning pace allows time for lateral extension of topics. 

This broadens student experiences and depth of understanding in both Mathematics and Science. Students are encouraged to work collaboratively and present their findings in a safe and mentally nourishing environment. 

The program offers opportunities for students to participate in competitions as well as experience Mathematics and Science in real-life contexts through curriculum specific excursions and hands on activities. The aim of the AMS@VC program is to develop well-balanced students who possess clear goals for their futures and the drive and capabilities to reach their personal potential.

English Social Science Academy | ESSA

The English Social Sciences Academy (ESSA) helps students to develop a personal commitment to their education. This teaching and learning environment captivates students in deliberate, multi-sensory learning experiences to ensure deep and rich engagement not only with their learning, but with their peers and teacher. The English and Social Science curriculums allow students to hone their investigative research skills, immerse themselves in extended creative writing, learn the power of persuasion and master the vital skills of public speaking. 

The ESSA course also encourages students to use their imaginations and to set achievable goals for growth, both in the academic and personal wellbeing spheres. Varsity College encourages students to believe that effort leads to success – ESSA aims to reinforce this fundamental value, leading to a life-long love of learning.

Chinese Immersion

The ASPIRE Chinese Immersion program offers an extended program of language study that will accelerate students' language acquisition and provide them with a relevant and meaningful level of Chinese for their future career paths. 

In addition to a deeper and richer curriculum, ASPIRE Chinese Immersion provides extra-curricular experiences and authentic learning environments in our Confucius classroom which enrich students' language learning whilst developing their cultural and linguistic experience far beyond that of a mainstream program. 

Chinese is a power language for the global employment market: through this program, students will be at the forefront of innovative Chinese Immersion to best prepare them with the language of the future.

Last reviewed 23 June 2020
Last updated 23 June 2020