Prep to Year 3


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Varsity College Junior Primary (Prep to Year 3) is committed to delivering high quality education and support to all students. The Varsity College motto of 'Dare to Dream' underpins our whole school ethos and management.

We have an exceptional early childhood program in Prep to Year 3, with expert teachers facilitating learning in a warm and supportive environment. Our experienced and dedicated team provides quality teaching and engaging learning activities, aligning children's interests with developmental needs as they progress through each year level. We have high expectations of all students and we support every one of them to achieve their best. 

Our curriculum is aligned to the Australian Curriculum to ensure that students develop strong foundations for all learning areas. We ensure that students with particular gifts, talents, interests and needs are supported through our support for learning model, extra-curricular programs and activities offered through our after hours programs.

Your child's wellbeing is a priority at Varsity College: we believe our strength is in our character and our students and staff encapsulate the values of wisdom, integrity, courage, compassion and citizenship.  We believe that the wellbeing of our students complements their academic success. Our focus is on developing the individual skills and attributes of our students to help them thrive in an increasingly complex world.

These first years of formal education are full of adventure, discovery and growing independence. Substantial time is spent laying firm foundations of understanding within literacy and numeracy with the classroom teacher.

An important aim of the preparatory year is to build on children's previous experiences with new and different learning opportunities at school. Children learn how to speak, read, write and socialise with their peers. In prep classrooms children see a lot of written language, pictures and use hands-on equipment to learn. The teacher plans an educational program that nurtures each child's self-esteem, wellbeing and development. An exciting, fun, inquiry and play-based curriculum ensures that children are engaged in their learning. Qualified and dedicated teachers and committed support staff use age-appropriate pedagogies in supporting children to be actively engaged, creative and successful learners.

In Years 1 to 3, students engage in learning opportunities that are authentic, engaging, relevant, challenging and significant. Students learn through an inquiry approach in all learning areas. Specialist staff address the curriculum areas of Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education, Languages Other Than English (Chinese) and Physical Theatre. 

Prep and Year 1 students also participate in Jitterbugs Music. Targeted teaching and learning teams work alongside teachers to assist students in their learning. Students are guided to reach their learning goals and are challenged to reach their full potential, with teachers encouraging the development of the whole child through regular feedback and tracking of students' progress across the schooling year. An old adage states, 'Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand.' This is the essence of learning at Varsity College.

We are very proud of our college and the excellence we expect and achieve without compromising the friendly and inclusive environment we have created.

Last reviewed 11 April 2020
Last updated 11 April 2020