Year 4 to Year 6


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​​Curriculum | Year 4

In Year 4, students become increasingly independent in their classroom work and organisational skills. Literacy and numeracy are again prioritised across these years of schooling and these skills enrich the study of other learning areas across the curriculum. Students engage in an inquiry approach to learning in the key areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences.

In addition, specialist staff enhance the curriculum with Visual Art, Music, Health and Physical Education, Languages other Than English (Chinese), Digital Technology and Physical Theatre. Targeted teaching and learning teams work closely with all classroom teachers to track data and ensure all students are reaching their potential and learning every day.

Our highly skilled teachers also use their knowledge of students' strengths and interests to deliver quality lessons which address the learning needs of all students. Year 3 students look forward to a multitude of excursions, including Currumbin Bird Sanctuary. In Year 4, the students have the privilege of engaging in a weekly clubs and communities program and bike safety.

Curriculum | Years 5 & 6

The curriculum of Years 5 and 6 is aimed to develop students who can relate and communicate well with others, pose questions, solve problems and make informed decisions. Students are given more independence and responsibility as leaders of our primary campus.

With our Years 5 and 6 teachers taking on the role of experts in the areas of English or Mathematics/Science, we are able to target the specific developmental needs of our students along with their varied learning styles. These experienced teachers work together with our support staff to ensure every child achieves their learning goals and feels success and growth in these areas.

Our students learn through inquiry units which foster creativity, collaboration and higher order thinking skills. Through History and Geography units, students are encouraged to be critical thinkers and develop a wider understanding of our world, events, people and places. They are also given opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge in the areas of Visual Arts, Physical Theatre, Digital Technology and Languages other Than  English (Chinese) under the direction of our trained specialist staff. Every student also participates in 90 minutes of Health and Physical Education per week. All students have access to various digital technologies to assist their learning.

Years 5 and 6 students also enjoy many learning experiences outside our classrooms via interschool sport, camps to Tallebudgera and Lake Ainsworth, musicals, clubs and communities and various excursions. All these experiences help pave the way towards a smooth transition into secondary school.​

Last reviewed 11 April 2020
Last updated 11 April 2020