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Class times

​​​​​Primary campus

For information on before and after school routines on the Primary campus please visit the Parent resources.

​8.25am​Get ready for class
​8.30am​Classes begin
​10.30am​Morning tea eating
​10.50am​Morning tea playtime
​11.10am​Classes resume
​1.10pm​Lunch eating
​1.30pm​Lunch playtime
​1.50pm​Classes resume
​2.40pm​School finishes

Secondary campus

All students are required to attend their normally timetabled lessons. They are to be properly prepared and ready for instruction as per the times specified.

​8.15–8.25am​Roll mark
​8.25–9.35am​Lesson 1
​9.35–9.40am​Change over
​9.40–10.50am​Lesson 2
​10.50–11.40am​First break
​11.40am–12.50pm​Lesson 3
​12.50–1.15pm​Second break
​1.15–2.25pm​Lesson 4
​2.25pm​School finishes