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​Each Varsity College campus has a Student Services building which provides an abundance of support for our students and their families. Facilitating the day-to-day procedures for the efficient running of our college, Student Services oversees the following areas: student absence, late arrival/early departure, sick bay, uniform support, facilities and maintenance.

On our Secondary Campus, our Deans of Students, Deputy Heads of School and Guidance Officers are also located in the Student Services building adjacent to Assembly Drive.

Visit Contact us to find out how to get in touch for general, finance and student absence enquiries.

Bus Timetables

View the Surfside bus timetables.

Primary Campus

Before and after school routines


  • All Years 1 to 6 students are to sit in the undercover tuckshop area as soon as they are on school grounds. This area is supervised from 8.00-8.25am.
  • Prep and Year 1 students may only sit outside their classrooms if accompanied by their parent/carer.
  • Students are released from this supervised area at 8.25am.
  • There will be no children on the playground equipment before school (even if parents are present).
  • Students arriving to school after the 8.30am bell must go to class first. Late slips will be issued after 8.40am.
  • If you need to speak to your child's classroom teacher, we encourage parents/carers to organise an appointment time as teachers use this morning time to prepare for the day and commence learning experiences.
  • There should not be any students at the office for late notes before their class roll has been returned.


  • Parents with Prep students will collect students from their classrooms.
  • Parents with Years 1 to 6 children will negotiate particular collection points with their children.
  • There will be no children on the playground equipment after school (even if parents are present). There is no supervision in playgrounds within the school after the school bell at 2.40pm.
  • A bell will sound at 3.05pm.
  • Any students still in the school grounds after 3.05pm will be directed to the administration area where they will need to be collected by their parents. Parents will be contacted to inform them where to collect their child.
  • Parents and carers must make alternative arrangements if they are collecting their children at a time later than specified above.
  • Supervision is provided for the drop-off/pick-up zone located just off Christine Avenue. This supervision is in place until 3.05pm.
  • For this supervision, students are to wait in the shelter near the playground.
  • The playground, oval and multiple purpose courts are out of bounds from 2.40pm onwards.
  • Parents who use this pick-up zone are asked to use the available car parks or to keep their cars moving through the pick-up zone.
  • Students catching buses at Bridgewater Drive are supervised by staff until 3.20pm.
  • We do have 'After School Care' available to all parents and carers. For more information, please see the YMCA Welcome Letter as well as the Family Pack​.  To enrol, please complete the ​YMCA Enrolment Form.​

​Drop off and pick up information

To ensure the traffic zone operates effectively, the Primary Campus implements the following strategies to support the free flow of traffic. These strategies will require the cooperation of all families who utilise the area.

  • In the afternoon the pick-up zone will be supervised from 2.40–3.10pm. It is most congested at 2.40pm.
  • All students being collected from this area will be required to sit under the shaded area next to the playground until their parent/carer arrives. The area from the hall to the waiting area will be clear of students. The playground will be off limits to students until pick-up area is clear. The only students allowed in this area will be those waiting for transport home.
  • The only exit gates for students will be the two bottom gates adjacent to the playground and soccer goal posts.
  • When entering the zone, parents are asked to clearly display children's family names on the sun visor or windscreen of the vehicle and move forward as far as possible. The college will provide these signs for families.
  • The supervisor on duty will alert students by public address when their ride arrives. Students will be required to move quickly to the vehicle for exit of the area. If students are not present or do not respond to the message, the vehicle will be required to move out of the pick-up lane, do a loop around pick-up zone and rejoin the queue. Administration will address this procedure with students and ask families to reinforce the procedure to save frustration and tears. People picking up students must not leave their vehicles in this area unless legally parked as it will cause major disruption to the entire process.
  • Students will not be allowed to cross the pick-up area to enter a vehicle.
  • As the area is under the authority of the City of Gold Coast and Queensland Traffic Authority, parents are reminded Queensland Police randomly patrol the area and persons contravening traffic laws will receive traffic infringement notices (fines).

The Primary Campus seeks family support in ensuring students adhere to the above policies to promote safe practices so students are not put in potentially dangerous situations. If you have any questions in relation to these matters, please do not hesitate to contact the campus administration.

Useful tips for pick-up area

  • Be patient. Student safety is a priority.
  • Pick-up zone is staffed until 3.10pm. Try to delay arrival.
  • Ensure students are ready to move quickly.
  • Move forward as far as possible.
  • Load vehicle quickly.
  • Do not talk to other parents in waiting vehicles.
  • Do not leave vehicle unattended.

Cyberbullying Information

The internet is having an increasing influence on the social development of children and how they interact with each other.  Social media, smart phones and other technologies provide children with wonderful opportunities to learn, be creative and socialise.  However, just as with face-to-face interactions, sometimes bullying and harassment can occur online.

Find out more on how you can support your child with having a positive and safer online experience (PDF, 4MB).

Last reviewed 27 February 2020
Last updated 27 February 2020