Leadership Program | Primary Campus

The college student leadership program is based on primary and secondary students working together to serve their college and local communities. The primary campus student leadership program is aligned under the college leadership program. Students are elected into leadership positions that fall under the four college pillars: academic, cultural, sporting and community.

An integral element of the program is the cooperation and teamwork between campus leaders who meet regularly with administration and teacher mentors to identify opportunities in assisting and serving the college and local community.

Four students on the primary campus will be elected Campus Captains in Year 6 by their peers and teachers. Success in becoming a Campus Captain is through the process of written application, interview, speech and teacher/student vote.

Students who are unsuccessful in assuming a captain position are then considered for the role of Pillar Leader or Student Ambassador. Campus Captains are then responsible for leading one of the four pillars supported by Pillar Leaders and Student Ambassadors.

The leadership journey begins in Term 4 for Year 3 students who display a positive attitude, and the desire, skills and abilities of future leaders. As the students move through to Year 6 they are provided with concrete opportunities to develop and practise their leadership habits.

Ambassador Program | Secondary Campus

Great leaders are nurtured and developed by providing great opportunities for students to step forward and lead the way, to experience and be exposed to leaders in different fields and to learn how to inspire and motivate others.

Varsity College ambassadors form part of the public face of the college and are aligned with the four pillars of the school: academic, cultural, sporting and community. Being an 'Ambassador' is a great responsibility and students will have specific duties, events and activities to participate in such as Open Days, ANZAC Day, school carnivals, special events, student mentoring and various charity work. Varsity ambassadors also form an essential role in the induction of new students into the college by supporting a young adult's transition to a new environment and orientation to a new school.

The program focuses on educating students about what leadership means through the student leadership challenge and the five practices of exemplary leadership: model the heart, inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, enable others to act and encourage the heart. This process culminates in our official positions, Year 12 Student Leaders and College Captains.

Senior Leadership Program | Secondary Campus

Varsity College senior school leadership consists of two College Captains, two Vice Captains, 12 Pillar Leaders and eight House Captains. The 16 college Senior Leaders will be responsible for working under one of the four pillars that represent Varsity College: academic, cultural, sporting and community.

Together the Captains and Senior Leaders will work with student ambassadors from other year levels to achieve student-inspired goals and objectives under the four pillars. We encourage our leaders to leave a legacy here at Varsity College, a legacy that will grow and future leaders can continue to develop.

It is important that our leaders embrace the college values and help to grow these amongst our student body.

Varsity College has multiple opportunities for students to apply for official leadership roles. However, here at Varsity, students don't have to apply to be leaders – we view every student as a leader.

Last reviewed 30 March 2020
Last updated 30 March 2020