Our college

Welcome to Varsity College, a Prep to Year 12 school which prides itself on a strong history of excellence within the four academic, cultural, sporting and community pillars. We provide each student with a pathway for personal success and achievement that continues in their life beyond school.


Our rich and rigorous academic program ensures that students achieve outstanding results and graduate well prepared for success beyond school.

We appreciate that every student has unique gifts and interests. Our strong curriculum creates curiosity, wonder and a strong desire to learn. Students are immersed in a culture where learning is personalised, relevant and engaging to strengthen and advance their interests and individual skills.


Varsity College nurtures the creative talents of all our students, producing a generation of young people who have been immersed in the wider arts community and graduate from our school ready to push the boundaries of artistic license.

Our curriculum and extra-curricular programs provide opportunities for our students to gain deep knowledge in the arts, foster innovation and creativity and prepare them to take their place on the world stage.


The health and wellbeing of our young people is at the heart of all that we do. Our sports programs offer opportunities for all students to learn about the powerful relationship between mind and body through immersion in a range of sports.

Our Athlete Development Program focuses on the advancement of elite athletes in their chosen field. The program helps our athletes become fitter, faster and stronger, providing the foundation for them to excel.


Our balanced philosophy and rich school culture places emphasis on putting students first and maximising their potential.

Our goal is to guide the development of positive, respectful and resilient students who have a strong sense of belonging and connectedness to their community. When a student develops a strong sense of wellbeing, they will experience greater success in their learning.

It takes a community to raise a child. Through strong and committed relationships with our families, community, business and tertiary education partners we are able to maximise each and every child's potential.

Through a seamless Prep to Year 12 journey our students will confidently manage their learning, emotions and relationships, take positive action towards realising their dreams and be able to thrive in the world of their future.

Our college values

We are passionate about your child - our student - and provide a warm and supportive environment in which all children can grow with confidence. Underpinned by our college values of wisdom, integrity, courage, compassion and citizenship we develop the whole child by focusing on a student' s signature strengths to realise their character and achieve their potential.


Our College Rules

A simple yet effective framework of College rules allows our students to flourish in a positive learning environment. Our ethos is encompassed within three school rules:

Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be a Learner


Our College Improvement Agenda

Good to Great to Exceptional

  1. Improving Teaching
    1. Developing expert teaching teams
  2. Improving Learning
    1. Every child knows how to be successful in their learning
    2. Teachers know your child's ability
    3. Teachers cater for your child's individual needs
  3. Improving Wellbeing
    1. Every child will flourish
    2. Our strength is in our character
  4. World Class Curriculum Improving our curriculum through continual review


Last reviewed 19 December 2019
Last updated 19 December 2019