​​​What is Homestay?​

Varsity College offers homestay for students in Years 9 to 12 who are enrolled through the International Student Program (ISP).

Homestay means that the student is under the welfare of the school and therefore living with an approved homestay provider. Host families are responsible for ensuring the student's welfare, in conjunction with the school's delegated officer, whilst living with them.

Families provide students with a nurturing and secure environment whilst they concentrate on their schooling.

For more information visit Education Queensland International (EQI) homestay.

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Long Term Homestay (ISP)

Homestay is for visiting students who want to experience the real-life Australian lifestyle by living with an Australian host family during their stay. Homestay gives visiting students the best opportunity to practice their English conversation skills in everyday life, while ensuring safe accommodation and a caring home environment.

Visiting students often develop lasting friendships with their Australian host families.

Homestay fast facts

  • Host families are carefully selected from within the school and local community and are always asked to provide a caring and nurturing environment for our International students.
  • All adults over the age of 18 residing at the homestay are required to have a valid suitability card; the school can assist with this no-cost application.
  • Host families are required to attend an orientation session where they will receive comprehensive information to ensure the student has a fulfilling homestay experience and that they are familiar with all EQI requirements.
  • Host families provide visiting students with full board, including three nutritious meals a day and snacks.
  • Host families provide assistance to access appropriate transport to and from school and related school activities.
  • Students are responsible for all costs of transportation to and from school and extra-curricular activities.
  • Students will have their own individual bedroom with study facilities.
  • Students may be placed in a homestay with a student from a different nationality.

Families receive a fortnightly payment through the school to provide the necessary accommodation and meal requirements. This amount is reviewed annually and set by EQI.

Short term homestay (Study tours)​

Varsity College welcomes families to join our homestay program anytime throughout the year. Becoming a homestay family is a wonderful experience for both your family and the visiting student. Understanding and exchanging cultural differences whilst building life time friendships is just a small part of the study tour experience.

Host families must be able to provide:

  • a clean, safe and secure household.
  • adequate sleeping arrangements including a bed for each visiting student (sleeping bags or sleeping on the floor is not permitted). If sharing a room, the student will share a room with a child of the same gender.
  • the ability to treat the student(s) as part of your family and provide appropriate supervision at all times (including before and after school supervision).
  • the ability to communicate with the student(s) in a friendly manner in English at all times.
  • three nutritious meals daily as well as snacks.
  • supervised transport to and from school by a member of the homestay family, into the care of the school (including ticket payment, if student will travel by public transport with a family member).
  • access to bathroom and laundry facilities.
  • access to household items such as towels, sheets, blankets and cooking, eating utensils etc.
  • a regulated environment where your student(s) are not permitted to participate in any high-risk activity (including notifying the school if you become aware that your student intends to participate or has participated in a high-risk activity, non-routine travel, or non-routine activity without our approval).
  • a Blue Card or Exemption Card for every household resident over 18 years of age, and will notify the school of any additional adult residents as soon as possible and within seven days.

In exchange for the provision of the above, homestay families receive a monetary subsidy to assist with costs associated with hosting, full orientation specific to the tour, supervision assistance and 24/7 access to the homestay coordinator.

Want to be a host family?

Applying to be a host family is as easy as contacting the homestay coordinator on 0428 677 251 or email to receive more information.

Last reviewed 15 June 2020
Last updated 15 June 2020