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Varsity College is a full-uniform college. The college has a proud reputation and the uniform is regarded by the college community as being important in encouraging a sense of self-esteem, belonging and self-discipline in our students. All students are expected to observe the details of correct attire and appearance.

Students must be wearing the complete dress uniform or sports uniform in accordance with school routine and policy.

Students should present in a neat and tidy manner at all times. This includes, but not limited to, whilst travelling to or from the college or whenever a student is out in the community wearing the college uniform. This high standard will ensure that our students continue to represent themselves and the college in an outstanding way.

The uniform has been designed in consultation with the school community and with elements of safety, comfort, climate, modesty, cost, efficiency, social equity, community values, and activity taken into account.


Back to School Opening Hours

Monday 16th Jan | Primary 8am - 11am & Secondary 1pm - 3pm
Tuesday 17th Jan | Primary 1pm - 3pm & Secondary 8am - 11am
Wednesday 18th Jan | Primary 2pm - 4:30pm & Secondary 10:30am - 12pm
Thursday 19th Jan | Primary 10am - 12pm & Secondary 2pm - 4:30pm
Friday 20th Jan | Primary 1pm - 3pm & Secondary 8am - 11am

Monday 23rd Jan | Primary 8am - 11am & Secondary 1pm - 3pm
Tuesday 24th Jan | Primary 1pm - 3pm & Secondary 7:45am - 11am
Wednesday 25th Jan | Primary 1pm - 3pm & Secondary 8am - 111m
Thursday 26th Jan | Closed
Friday 27th Jan | Primary 1pm - 3pm & Secondary 7:45am - 11am

How To Purchase Our College Uniforms

For convenience, the college offers a number of ways in which parents and secondary students can purchase items from our uniform shops.

Online Purchases

Uniforms can be purchased online using the FlexiSchools website.

Orders are then collected from the uniform shop during usual operating hours and are subject to the schools refund policy.

Telephone Purchases

If required, uniforms can be purchased over the phone by contacting the uniform shops. Items can be purchased using Visa or MasterCard.

Items can be collected from the uniform shop during trading hours and are subject to the schools' return policy.

On Campus Uniform Shops

Our Uniform Shops are located on both the Primary and Secondary Campuses 5 days a week during the standard school term.

Extended opening hours are offered at the start of each academic year to help assist our families with return to school preparation!
Prep to Year 12 Uniform Price List
Returns must be presented to the store within 28 days from the date of purchase.

Primary Campus Opening Hours

Monday 8:00am till 10:00am
Tuesday 2:00 pm till 3:30pm
Thursday 8:00am till 11:00am

Secondary Campus Opening Hours

Tuesday 7:45am till 11:30am
Wednesday 7:45am till 11:30am
Friday 7:45am till 11:30am
Last reviewed 01 December 2022
Last updated 01 December 2022